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DoragonLand 3rd Chest Sale will open on 23rd Dec — 25th Dec on Mirana. Now, it’s time to learn how to buy chests at this event. The step-by-step introduction will make your purchase go as smoothly as possible!

Chest Sale Timeline — 10:00 UTC 23rd December — 10:00 UTC 25th December 2022

🔸Round 1: 10:00 AM — 14:00 PM UTC 23rd Dec

  • Applied for whitelist winners — both Private & Community Pool
  • An address is limited to 1–3 packs (each type of pack)
  • Give one Emoji special edition for every pack

🔸Round 2: 14:00 PM UTC 23rd Dec — 14:00 PM UTC 25th Dec

  • First come first served basis
  • An address is limited to 3 packs (both types of packs)

Then when the sale time comes, you just need to follow these easy steps to making purchases:

Step 1: Join the DoragonLand store on Mirana Marketplace via this link: https://doragonland.mirana.market/

Step 2: Now you should connect your wallet.

Your wallet section will display your balance and address if you connect successfully.

Step 3: Choose the type of pack you would like to purchase

There are 2 types of packages available:

ELF Pack: 10 card

Quantity: 300 packs

Cards: Guaranteed 3 Common, 4 Rare, 3 Epic.

Price: 85,000 DOR

Santa Pack: 5 card

Quantity: 200 packs

Cards: 5 cards randomly appear in the following possibilities: 10% common, 65% rare, 20% Epic, and 5% Legendary.

Price: 60,000 DOR

After choosing the packages, you are going to click on “Summon Chest”

Step 4: Complete the checkout

You need to “Approve token” DOR to complete the checkout process. This will cost you a small fee for this first time only.

A pop-up shows that your chest has been summoned successfully.

Step 5: Claim chest:

After summoning successfully, the button “Claim Now” will appear. You can get your cards by simply clicking the button. Then wait for the transaction to be processed!

And, congratulations! You have successfully bought the chest packs on our marketplace!


  • Your purchase will cost a small number of gas fees
  • Make sure your wallet has a sufficient $DOR balance to process your purchase.
  • You cannot buy more than your maximum quantity of chest allowed.

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🌐 Website (https://www.doragonland.io/)

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