AMA Session Recap: DoragonLand x GAINS Associates

Dear Community,

On Friday, November 19th, 2021, Ashley Dang — CMO of DoragonLand and Kent Nguyen — CPO of DoragonLand joined an interesting AMA session with the GAINs Associtates Community. Our guest speakers received and answered many good questions relating to gameplay and mechanisms, upcoming events, tokenomics, and so forth from the community. Let’s go through our conversation with this fully detailed recap of the AMA session.

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s event with DoragonLand. The chat has been muted now, and you will get the chance to send your questions in during the live Telegram round

We have been joined by Kent and Ashley from the DoragonLand team

Welcome guys

Kent Nguyen

Let me start.

My name is Kent Nguyen — CPO and Co-founder of DoragonLand

How are you guys? I have a feeling that today’s talk is going to be great. Let’s get it started!

Ashley Dang

Hi guys, pleasure to be here with you guys. This is Ashley from DoragonLand team

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

We’re great. Let’s begin

Please introduce yourself. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

Kent Nguyen

Hi guys, I have been working in the IT field for almost 10 years in which I have 7 years of experience as a game designer, specializing in conceptualizing creative aspects.

Blockchain, a relatively new technology, is already revolutionising many aspects of our lives such as healthcare and the economy.

I have been involved in blockchain technology for the last 2 years. As a game lover, I see many potentials of integrating blockchain into a game project which empowers a fully decentralized gaming.

We aim to create an economy in the game which helps players not only enjoy playing but also earn profit, and completely can earn and invest to create more income.

Ashley Dang

Thank you, It’s my turn now.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Ashley Dang, CMO of DoragonLand. I have 5 years of experience as a Marketing Leader and have been involved in many cutting-edge technology projects in Asian and domestic markets.

About my journey in crypto, I love the revolution of NFT ownership in gaming. NFT is a popular trend at present and I think it will continue growing in the future. It really takes my interest and I decided to seize this chance to work in DoragonLand.

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Did you ever in your 7 years in the gaming industry foresee blockchain and gaming being used together?

Kent Nguyen

As you know that gaming x blockchain really matter since the beginning of 2020

As a game developer we’re very interested in this combination and we see that this is future of gaming

That’s why we’re all here guys ❤️

Bring some “GameFi thing” to you

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Indeed. Let’s explore the game then.

What is the Doragonland project about in a few simple sentences?

Kent Nguyen

DoragonLand is a 3D rush tower game that integrates the battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with other players and collect rewards of NFT items and DOR tokens in real-time.

DoragonLand has plans to build DoragonLand Universe where players can use the their asset in different games. For example, a card NFT can be used to play in different games in the universe.

I would like to point out some unique and outstanding features about DoragonLand: DoragonLand is inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, which is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler game.

Along with Creator and Thunder Cloud, we also have solid partnerships with other leading ventures such as V2B Labs, Lucid Realm, Hub, TomoChain, X21, OIG, Oxbull, Exnetwork Capital, Lua Ventures, Gains, DuckDAO, CSP DAO, Next 100, etc

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Can you share something about your characters in the games? How can we start playing?

Ashley Dang

In DoragonLand, there are different Dragon breeds: human, orc, elf, undead,… which are inspired by 7 common races in fantasy games . Each of them has different characteristics and strengths and they play a specific role in the gameplay. For example: Dragon tanker, Dragon Damage dealer, Dragon Support, Dragon Pusher,..

They are fascinating creatures that are naughty, strong and very brave. They protect their own land from invaders and fiercely compete for the leaderboard position. Continue following our channels to get more reveals of DoragonLand characters, we will update our community along with the game development.

Kent Nguyen

Let me go into greater detail about how players can begin to play.

To start playing the game, Players need to have at least 8 cards. Inspired by Clash Royale, the playing mode in DoragonLand is semi-automation in which players will have to select cards and place them in order (4-card pool) then cards are released automatically for the battle.

The rules are simple, players will have to destroy the opponent’s towers. Each battle lasts for at least 2 minutes.

I think it’s quite clear about the gameplay : )

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Yes. It’s clear.

What role does the token play in the DoragonLand ecosystem?

Ashley Dang

Well, DoragonLand Token symbol is $DOR which is issued on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

$DOR is the utility token in the game which can be used in various cases:

Firstly, DOR tokens can be used to participate in the game features like clan and tournament.

At the same time, By owning tokens, DOR token holders participate in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit.

Also, players can buy their NFTs on the market to upgrade their dragon warriors. Vice versa, players can sell these NFT items to get DOR back.

$DOR holders can use $DORto settle payments and participate in gamefi activities like staking, farming, minting, betting, which allow players to gain passive income.

Our token is designed to guarantee the stable development of the DoragonLand project and also raise the benefit of buyers/investors.

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

With respect to your roadmap, what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

Kent Nguyen

Well, we have just released our first trailer on Nov 16th. You can check it in the link below: DoragonLand Official Trailer: Immerse Yourself into the Dragon Metaverse

And yesterday, our first Chest boxes sale went great. All 4,000 boxes were sold out within a few hours. This is such good news to us! This means we got a lot of support from the Doragonland community and everybody is getting more and more enthusiastic about the game.

Regarding DoragonLand’s roadmap, let me share with you the overview of our plan. This image includes all major milestones from this year until the end of 2022.

Ashley Dang

For the next couple of months, we are in the process of producing an MVP version and preparation for IDO. As planned, the MVP will be released in Q4. 2021. Early next year, we can expect a full-function release that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Let’s ask a question from one of our Twitter users @caophonggg, regarding the chest boxes: Can I open the chest boxes when I finish purchasing? When you open the marketplace? Can I sell my chest boxes on the marketplace?

Kent Nguyen

We already have Mirana Marketplace. Buyers can open their boxes and sell their cards on Mirana Marketplace right after purchase.

You can receive cards right after purchasing boxes

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

The next question is from Twitter user @MdTanbi35716872: DoragonLand graphics and designs caught my attention. Do you work with an artist for your game graphics or do you get support from a graphics company? Do you have a 3D game art studio you work with?

Ashley Dang

So happy to hear that. Artwork is definitely a feature that our team takes pride in.

Doragonland brings splendid artwork from Thunder Cloud — the most well-known 3D game — an art studio for making world-class cinematics and graphics for games all over the world.

The characters are in strong and bold form, a cute style with an energetic and playful tone, which enables players to fully enjoy the exotic experience. I believe that graphic design plays an important role in improving the player’s gaming experience, helping them to experience the full value of the game.

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Thanks for these detailed answers.

We will have more questions later but for now we will conduct a little quiz, to test if people were really paying attention during the intro

A quick reminder to the community: this is NOT the time to ask questions. The AMA will be after the quiz

Sending your questions now will result in a BAN

Kent Nguyen

Where were chest boxes sold?


Mirana Marketplace

Kent Nguyen


Ashley Dang

2nd question: How many cards are needed for players to start playing?



Ashley Dang

Correct! Congrats!!

Kent Nguyen

3. When will MVP (Minimum viable product) happen?


Q4 2021

Kent Nguyen

so fast! you’re awesome, congrats!

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Good job everyone.

Don’t forget to join the DoragonLand Telegram group and show some love from the GAINS community.

We move on to the live Telegram community round now where each person is limited to only 1 post with 1 question max.

Thank you for your questions. We’ll take some answers from the DoragonLand team now

Please join the DoragonLand Telegram ( group as you wait for your questions to be answered

Kent Nguyen


I read that the more battles the players win, the more they can rise in the ranking, does that mean that only the Top of the table will be rewarded? If so, why really use a leaderboard and not just reward him for each battle he has beaten?

The reward is based on rank tiers, the higher your rank, the more reward you will receive. Rewards come from quests/leaderboard. You also received a small rewards each battle even you lose


What are you focusing on now? Is it Gaming development, partnerships or marketing? Will your games support multi languages?

We’re focusing on game development, especially the ingame economy, which helps us play and earn. The game will support multi languages in the near future

Ashley Dang


The characters are the center of the project and I would like to know more about them. Each character represents an NFT? Do you need to buy characters to start playing and get rewards? How can I improve my characters and level up their power?

Each dragon warrior using in the game has its own story, we try to bring engaged story to the dragons so that they might remember their names, just like in Pikachu :) Each character will be an NFT unique NFT item.

You need at least 8 cards to enroll the game and the upgrading mechanism is as follows:

Combine 2 cards at same level + spend gold to carft higher level card


In the introduction you just mentioned that your game is similar to Clash royale. So, I would like to know what innovative touch you introduced in your game to make it more fun and entertaining for the players? What modes of combat or gameplay can we find in your game?

DoragonLand is about the Dragon universe where fascinating Dragon creatures live and fight. The characters are meticulously designed and crafted by our artists from ThunderCloud. Also DoragonLand have amazing earning mechanism for players to earn decent income by engaging in the game.

Players will play in PvP mode in which players join battles and competitions to fight against other opponents and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Your dragon warriors will fight against others of squads, selected from a dozens of unique legends, each with unique abilities to prove the strongest and gain the highest ranking.


✅ Can you tell us about when the launch of $DOR will take place? What kind of platform will you use? What will be the requirements to be able to buy?

$DOR will be launched on 2 launchpads which are: KOIstarter and OxBull. Further details of time, requirements will be updated on our channel very soon

Ayeley Commodore-M | GAINS Associates

Kent and Ashley, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated?

Kent Nguyen

Thank you guys for all the participation in this AMA.

It was great talking to you guys today! We are so happy that our project received so much attention from your community.

Ashley Dang

Thank you all for your interesting questions. Hope that you guys have better insight in our project. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on our official channels.

🔥🔥 DoragonLand’s Official Channels:




Telegram Global

Telegram Vietnam

Telegram ANN


Make sure to follow DoragonLand social media links, stay tuned for their updates. Thank you




A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.

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