AMA session recap: DoragonLand x The Bulk Community

7 min readDec 30, 2021

On December 30th, Kent Nguyen and Ashley Dang (CPO and CMO of DoragonLand) joined in an AMA session with the Bulk community. Members were so excited with lots of sharing about the project from the speakers. In case you missed it out, catch up with us in this full recap.


Hi all, first of all, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year holidays and thank Kent and Ashley for taking the time to join us today.

AMA will have 3 parts :

Part 1️⃣: Project overview questions.

Part 2️⃣: Pre-selected questions from community

Part 3️⃣: Live question

Kent Nguyen,

Hi guys, It’s great to be here with the Bulk community today.

Thanks for having me!

Ashley Dang,

Hello Everyone. It’s my pleasure to be here today to talk to you guys about DoragonLand.


Hey Kent and Ashley, thanks for being with us and welcome !

Let’s start !

Kent Nguyen,



Please introduce youself :)

Kent Nguyen,

To start off, Let’s me introduce myself a bit. I’m Kent- the CPO and co-founder of DoragonLand.

I have been working in the IT field for almost 10 years in which I have 7 years of experience as a game designer, specializing in conceptualizing creative aspects.

I have been involved in blockchain technology for the last 2 years. As a game lover, I see many potentials of integrating blockchain into a game project which empowers a fully decentralized gaming.We aims to create an economy in the game which helps players not only enjoy playing but also earn profit, and completely can earn and invest to create more income.

DoragonLand naturally comes as my brainchild and I expect a lot from it.

Ashley Dang,

First and foremost, Great thank you for the heartwarming welcome. Let me introduce myself. I’m Ashley Dang, CMO of DoragonLand.

I’ve been taking the role of Marketing Leader and involved in many cutting-edge technology projects for 5 years now, mostly in the Asian market and also the domestic market.

I started involved in blockchain technology 2 years ago, and I am really into this dynamic and promising field.


Sounds great guys, thanks for the intro !

Let’s start with the first part on our AMA session 😊

Can you briefly summarise what DoragonLand is?

Kent Nguyen,

I guess everyone here is curious about DoragonLand, so don’t let you wait any longer. I will dive into it

DoragonLand is a 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with others to collect rewards of NFT items and DOR tokens in real-time.

DoragonLand is inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, which is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler video game. The game integrates elements including action, collectible card games, tower defense, and Real-time strategy. DoragonLand offers players a diverse system of activities including Cards, Quests (Daily, Weekly and Progress Quests), Clan, Clan Wars, P2E, Esport & Tournament. The characters are in strong and bold shape, cute style with energetic and playful tone, which allows players to truly enjoy the exotic experience.


What is the token in game and tell us more about tokenomics?

Ashley Dang,

DoragonLand Token symbol is $DOR which is issued on Binance Smart Chain.

$DOR is the utility token in the game which can be used in various cases:

First thing, DOR tokens can be used to participate in the game features like clan and tournament.

At the same time, by owning tokens, DOR holders can participate in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit.

Also, players can buy their NFTs on the market to upgrade their dragon warriors. Vice versa, players can sell these NFT items to get DOR back.

$DOR holders can use $DOR to settle payments and participate in gamefi activities like staking, farming, minting, betting, which allow players to gain passive income.

As for tokenomics,

The total supply of $DOR is 1,000,000,000

Initial market cap is $275,500

Total token for sale is 165,000,000 DOR


Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to Doragonland that you would like to share with the users?

Kent Nguyen,

[In reply to Ashley Dang]

More information about tokenomics can be read in our whitepaper

I would like to update the latest news of DoragonLand.

Now DOR has been listed on PancakeSwap, Coingecko, MEXC, Coinmarketcap.

Also, staking feature is now available, check it here

We also have staking competition lasting until 15th Jan 2022 with impressive APR


[In reply to Kent Nguyen]

Thanks for the link 👍

The Beta test version has been released since 26th Dec and there is a bright sign from the feedback.

Let’s join our Review game competition: to spread the word.

Great guys, thanks for your question on the part 1 of our AMA session

Let’s start with the 2nd part : Pre-selected questions from community🔥

Tell us about the character’s level system and how it affects the gameplay

Can you tell us about the background and experience of your project DEVELOPMENT TEAM?

Kent Nguyen,

Characters in the game have the maximum level of 10, ranging from 1–10.

Cards in a higher level will have better stats.However, skill is what matters most. When your card levels aren’t as good, the skill is what makes up for it.

As for our team,

We have four core teams of 30 talented people currently working on the DoragonLand project.They have an excellent background in technology with strong passion for the gaming industry, especially GameFi projects.

1. Game Development team: This team consists of many young and passionate developers.

2. Artwork Design: We partnered with Thunder Cloud — one of Asia’s top design studios with experiences in gaming projects for both international and regional companies

3. Blockchain team: Our project is backed by Creator — a leading Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that has many experts and talented developers in the field.

4. Marketing: We deployed an in-house team to take care of all marketing activities. In addition, we also cooperate with V2B and will still be looking for other marketing partners.

All four teams are working very hard to bring DoragonLand to the community. We will continue to update the status of the DoragonLand project in our channel, so please keep following us.


There are a lot of analogs of games like Doragonland, why do you think that this game will become a Megahit?

Ashley Dang,

With the recent drastic growth of NFTs games, numerous new games were born everyday, however many are not really in good quality or some of those just focus more on blockchain aspect rather than the important elements of a game like the gameplay and artwork. This will lead to players not sticking with the game in the long-term.

By contrast, DoragonLand is a high quality NFT game with the full features of a traditional game and outstanding blockchain aspect:

DoragonLand gameplay is inspired by the renowned Clash Royale — a gripping 3D card online game. DoragonLand is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler game, which will be an engaging entertainment experience for both newbies and experienced gamers.

DoragonLand is proud by splendid artwork produced by Thunder Cloud — the most well known 3D game- art studio for making world-class cinematics and graphics for games all over the world

Technology is also a competitive advantage of DoragonLand.Our project is incubated by Creator — one of the leading BaaS platforms that guarantees the smooth Blockchain integration.

Along with Creator and Thunder Cloud, we also have solid partnerships with other leading ventures such as V2B Labs, Lucid Realm, Hub, TomoChain, X21, OIG, Oxbull, Exnetwork Capital, Lua Ventures, Gains, DuckDAO, CSP DAO, etc.


Huge backers btw, we know all of them closely 🔥

We had a good question from our community: Is it possible to add music switching in the settings?

Yeah, in the future, the music setting can be switched according to map or game battle. For example, volume, rhythm or tune changes in response to specific events in the game.

Nice, thanks !!😎

Awesome guys, I think it’s enough for today 😊

Kent Nguyen,

Let’s join


Thanks Ken and Ashley from exiting gameproject DoragonLand for being with us and we wish you Happy holidays and Happy New Year 🔥🔥🔥✅

Kent Nguyen,

Thank you guys for your interest in our project. It was great talking to you guys today! Hope that you guys have better insight into our project.

Happy Holiday!


[In reply to Kent Nguyen]

For sure !

Ashley Dang,

Thank you for today AMA


Thank you, guys!

Ashley Dang

For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on our official channels:

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.