Begin Your Adventures with DoragonLand Mobile Test Version on Android!

Highlight features of the DoragonLand Mobile Test Version

With the Mobile Test Version, all your favorite game modes are still available:

  • PvP mode: Engage in real-time battles with formidable opponents
  • PvE mode: Earn extra rewards with Normal Stage and Boss Stage
  • Quest system: Accomplish Daily Quest and Weekly Quest for more juicy yields
  • Training mode: Increase your fighting ability with this essential game mode
  • Arena mode: Fight to the top of the Leaderboard to conquer the DoragonLand Arena

How to LINK EMAIL with METAMASK wallet?

In this version, a new exclusive in-app function is added. To better prepare yourself, let’s take a look at the following instructions to understand how to log in the game on mobile device by linking email with Metamask wallet.

How to install the DoragonLand Mobile Test Version

Step 1: Download the app at



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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.