Death Run: Road to the Light

2 min readApr 27, 2022


Protecting peace has never been an easy fight. Now it becomes even more difficult when the dark forces are all in together. Can’t wait any longer!!! Join the battle to recapture the land they are holding.

DoragonLand would like to host the event “Death run: Road to the Light” within 7 days to find a hero who can guide and bring peace to DoragonLand. Let’s conquer all levels to meet the monsters and defeat them. Victory and rewards will belong to the players who completed stage 30 (chapter 3) earliest.

Let’s find out about this event.

Time: 7 AM UTC 27th Apr — 7 AM UTC 4th May


  • Winner: 100 USDT + 50,000 gold
  • Runner up: 75 USDT + 30,000 gold
  • 3rd prize: 50 USDT + 20,000 gold
  • 10 lucky winners: 10,000 gold per each for those who joined PvE

Important note:

  • When the time is over, if no one completes stage 30, the prizes will go to the ones who reach the furthest. If 2 people get to the highest stage after 7 days, the team will check who gets up earlier and announce the final decision.

Hopefully, Death Run will be an event to help the community have more motivation to experience DoragonLand’s new game mode.

We’ll see you in stage 30!!!




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