DoragonLand AMA session recap with Panda Capital Community

10 min readDec 8, 2021

On Tuesday, December 7th, 12 PM UTC, Kent Nguyen (CPO) and Ashley (CMO) of DoragonLand participated in an interesting AMA session with Panda Capital Community. Guests enthusiastically shared about the project and answered the arising questions from the community about tokenomics, game features, partnerships, and roadmap,.. In case you missed out, catch up with us in this AMA session recap.

Andy|Panda Capital

Welcome Ashley and Kent Nguyen as guests of Panda community, please introduce yourself!

Ashley Dang

Hello guys! It’s such a pleasure to be here today. I have heard so much about the Panda Capital community and I can’t wait to discuss with you guys about DoragonLand.

Kent Nguyen

Hello everyone! Thank you for having us today!

Kent Nguyen

I’m so excited to be here. It’s great to share with you guys about our project.

Kent Nguyen

To open our conversation today, Let’s me introduce myself a bit. I’m Kent- the CPO and co-founder of DoragonLand.

I have been working in the IT field for almost 10 years in which I have 7 years of experience as a game designer, specializing in conceptualizing creative aspects.

As a game lover, I see many potentials of integrating blockchain into a game project which empowers a fully decentralized gaming.We aims to create an economy in the game which helps players not only enjoy playing but also earn profit, and completely can earn and invest to create more income.

DoragonLand naturally comes as my brainchild and I expect a lot from it. I’m so lucky to have Ashley, my trusted partner in this project.

Ashley Dang

Thank you for having me and Thank Kent for your great introduction. Let me introduce myself. I’m Ashley Dang, CMO of DoragonLand.

A bit about my background, I’ve been taking the role of Marketing Leader and involved in many cutting-edge technology projects for 5 years now, mostly in the Asian market and also the domestic market.

I started working in blockchain technology 2 years ago, and I am really into this dynamic and promising field. It’s my honor to work on an interesting project like DoragonLand and work with an amazing team.

Andy|Panda Capital

Awesome! It was an honor to have you both in our community AMA. DoragonLand is a great project!

Can you introduce DoragonLand and DoragonLand team to our community?

Kent Nguyen

Thank you

Ashley Dang

We’re also proud of our whole team. We have four core teams of 30 talented people currently working on the DoragonLand project.They have an excellent background in technology with strong passion for the gaming industry, especially GameFi projects.

1. Game Development team: We have a qualified development team including developers and game experts. They have an excellent background in technology with strong passion for the gaming industry, especially GameFi projects.

2. Artwork Design: We partnered with Thunder Cloud — one of Asia’s top design studios with experiences in gaming projects for both international and regional companies

3. Blockchain team: Our project is backed by Creator — a leading Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that has many experts and talented developers in the field.

4. Marketing: We deployed an in-house team to take care of all marketing activities. In addition, we also cooperate with V2B and will still be looking for other marketing partners.

All four teams are working very hard to bring DoragonLand to the community. We will continue to update the status of the DoragonLand project in our channel, so please keep following us.

Andy|Panda Capital

We like DoragonLand, we think your team is great and solid, and we believe your team will do better.

Can you give us some information about the Marketing Plan and project supporters so that we can help understand DoragonLand better?

Ashley Dang

We would like to thank you all for your huge interest in our project. We also have plans for airdrop and other community events so that more game enthusiasts and investors can get to know us. We also launched the Ambassadors program, for your further information pls refer to our article:

Full article:

Applicable for: Any crypto fanatic and gamers who wish to be long-term supporters of DoragonLand. Also, professionals like writers, influencers, graphic designers, video editors, etc., can apply for this program.

Andy|Panda Capital

Our DoragonLand Chinese community is very active, when will the official version be released and do you have more screens and videos about the official version?

Kent Nguyen

We haven’t released the official version yet. However, you can enjoy our official trailer to understand more about DoragonLand.

MVP version will be released soon this month. So stay tuned!

If you own 8 playable cards in the starter pack, you can start playing and earning

Andy|Panda Capital

Can you tell us about the token economics of DoragonLand and how we can better empower $DOR?

Ashley Dang

Well, DoragonLand Token symbol is $DOR which is issued on Binance Smart Chain.

The total supply of $DOR is 1,000,000,000

Initial market cap is $275,500

Total token for sale is 165,000,000 DOR

We are always aware of the devaluation issue and worry from investors.

However, DoragonLand has a plan to burn NFT by the merging cards mechanism to level up cards. We haven’t had a plan to burn DOR tokens as we aim to create a stable economy in-game. Also, DoragonLand have the distributing rewards of engaging in the game by GOLD. This is our plan to control the Inflation and increase the value of DOR in the game.

Andy|Panda Capital

Got it! thankssss mate😍

Nowadays, many games are short-lived, although they can attract a lot of people in the early stage, but not sustainable. How do you design DoragonLand’s economic model to make the game sustainable?

Kent Nguyen

Exactly, but DoragonLand is a long term game project, we have invested so much in gameplay and graphics as you can see.

The gameplay is inspired by the Clash Royale, and the artworks are produced by Thunder Clound -one of the most well-known Studios for making high-end ground-breaking cinematic and 3D Art games all over the world

NFT items will still last forever even when the game closes as investors can trade these NFT items to other common tokens.

Also, our development team has plans to develop an ecosystem with an aim to leverage this game content that can be used in other games to diversify token utilities and increase the flexibility of token as well as its value.

Andy|Panda Capital

I believe DoragonLand will have a continuous and stable development🥰

Kent Nguyen

Yeah, sure

Andy|Panda Capital

Many thanks to Ashley and Kent Nguyen for your answer, which gives us a general idea of the basic information about DoragonLand!

let’s move on to the next stage. Next are five questions from Panda Community members.

Kent Nguyen


Andy|Panda Capital

Because NFT is very hot at the moment, will you launch NFT in the game and what role will it play? Can you show us the NFT market of DoragonLand? And can you tell us when DoragonLand will be selling NFT?

Ashley Dang

Our exclusive chest boxes sale was over.. However, now you can buy your cards on

All 4,000 boxes were sold out within a few hours. The trading volume has been over 2 Million USD with the total transaction of nearly 17k.

Andy|Panda Capital

That’s amazing ! we will buy cards!

Andy|Panda Capital

As we all know, there are more and more gamefi projects in these days now. At the meantime, most of games are boring and simple.And players care about making money more than game itself. How about your gameplay and characters in game? How players can earn?

Kent Nguyen

With the recent drastic growth of NFTs games, numerous new games were born everyday, however many are not really in good quality or some of those just focus more on blockchain aspect rather than the important elements of a game like the gameplay and artwork. This will lead to players not sticking with the game in the long-term.

By contrast, DoragonLand is a high quality NFT game with the full features of a traditional game and outstanding blockchain aspect.

DoragonLand is Inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, which is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler video game. The game integrates elements including action, collectible card games, tower defense, and Real-time strategy

There are different Dragon breeds: human, orc, elf, undead,… which are inspired by 7 common races in fantasy games. Each of them has different characteristics and strengths and they play a specific role in the gameplay.

For example: Dragon tanker, Dragon Damage dealer, Dragon Support, Dragon Pusher,. They are fascinating creatures that are naughty, strong, and very brave. They protect their own land from invaders and fiercely compete for the leaderboard position.

Continue following our channels to get more reveals of DoragonLand characters, we will update our community along with the game development.

As for the earning aspect, there are a lot of rewards for players who accomplish the quests or win the battles so they can easily gain back and eventually upgrade their dragons. The tokens for game rewards account for around ⅓ the total amount of tokens, so that players can also gain a decent earning back from their initial possession.

Players have numerous opportunities to earn a decent income while engaging in the game. There are a lot of activities like daily quests, weekly quests, progress quests to do and earn rewards. Other in-game activities like clans, esports & tournaments, arena, etc.. are also fascinating and worth trying.

Besides, players can trade chests and NFT items via NFT marketplace to earn NFT items and $DOR tokens. In addition, Staking and other gamefi functions will also be soon available. There are also other ways to earn $DOR tokens that are currently in-progress . We will keep you updated in the future.

Hope that this make you clear

Andy|Panda Capital

Thank you for such a clear explanation. It sounds so interesting, it’s such a fascinating game and we will keep following your channel!

I was excited about the news that DoragonLand was going to be listed on the exchange. Could you share us about your roadmap, your previous achievements and your upcoming event?

Ashley Dang

Our exclusive chest boxes sale was over.. However, now you can buy your cards on

All 4,000 boxes were sold out within a few hours. The trading volume has been over 2 Million USD with the total transaction of nearly 17k

Also, on 18th Nov, DoragonLand opened an exclusive chest boxes sale event on Mirana Marketplace.

Another big milestone is our IDO on 30th Nov. DoragonLand was launched on Koistarter and Oxbull with the total token for sale is 15,000,000 DOR and the Token public price: 1 DOR = 0.02 BUSD

Now DOR has been listed on PancakeSwap, Coingecko,and it will be soon listed on other exchanges like MEXC

In Dec 2021, there will be aslo many other amazing events that we look forward to.

Staking DOR will be available soon in Dec so that DOR holders will be able to stake their DOR in different pools and gain decent passive income.

In this month, MVP version will be released and NFT holders can be able to test the game and start earning.

Plan for the upcoming year can be seen on our road map

Andy|Panda Capital

Can you tell us about market pie you are trying to conquer, your competitors and your SWOT analysis for your offerings?

Kent Nguyen

With the recent drastic growth of NFTs games, numerous new games were born everyday. However, DoragonLand is still a rising star in the NFT gaming world.

DoragonLand is a high quality NFT game with the full features of a traditional game and outstanding blockchain aspect.

DoragonLand gameplay is gripping, which is inspired by the renowned Clash Royale DoragonLand is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler game, which will be an engaging entertainment experience for both newbies and experienced gamers.

DoragonLand is proud by splendid artwork produced by Thunder Cloud — the most well known 3D game- art studio for making world-class cinematics and graphics for games all over the world

Technology is also a competitive advantage of DoragonLand.Our project is incubated by Creator — one of the leading BaaS platforms that guarantees the smooth Blockchain integration.

Along with Creator and Thunder Cloud, we also have solid partnerships with other leading ventures such as V2B Labs, Lucid Realm, Hub, TomoChain, X21, OIG, Oxbull, Exnetwork Capital, Lua Ventures, Gains, DuckDAO, CSP DAO, etc

As for the market pie, it is hard to estimate the exact number but DoragonLand team is trying hard to dominate the NFT gaming market.

That would be an ambitious goal, we will need to conquer it step by step

Andy|Panda Capital

DoragonLand has a strong competitive edge and will definitely get better and better

It’s glad to see doragonland has its own clan system, it looks like DoragonLand is not just a mining game. I see in the whitepaper that a clan has a maximum of 50 members limitation , which is quite fewer compared to traditional online game clans which ussally enroll more than hudreds of clanmates to prosper the community.What is the reason for this restriction?

Kent Nguyen

Well, the initial design is limited to 50 players. We believe the system is well designed so that it best serves the entertaining as well as earning aspect in the game. However, in the future the number can be adjusted if suitable for the real situation.

Andy|Panda Capital
Great design!!

Thank you for your patience today, it is greatly appreciated. Let’s thanks again to our guests Ashley and Kent Nguyen

Next, the lottery is conducted

Kent Nguyen

Thanks for a great AMA. We are so happy that our project has received so much attention from your community.

Andy|Panda Capital

Thank you Ashley and Kent Nguyen!!!

DoragonLand to the moon!!

Ashley Dang

It’s great to talk to you guys. We would like to thank you for your participation today. Hope you guys have better insight into DoragonLand. Keep following our official channels to get updated.

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.