DoragonLand IDO on KOIStarter: Things You Need to Know

Overall IDO Timeline

Token Details

  • Token name: DoragonLand
  • Token symbol: DOR
  • Token type: BEP20
  • Initial market cap: $275,500

IDO Details

  • Chain: BSC
  • Accepted currency: BUSD
  • Token public price: 1 DOR = 0.02 BUSD
  • Total raise: 180,000 BUSD
  • Total token sale: 9,000,000 DOR
  • Vesting Schedule: 33% at TGE, 33% at the first month, and 34% at the second month.

IDO Rounds

Join IDO on KOIStarter

Important notes:

  • If you stake CTR on the Creator platform, kindly use the same wallet when connecting to KOIStarter so the KOI points can be synced.
  • Make sure that you stake your CTR tokens and do not un-stake before the IDO time, otherwise, you will lose your KOI points and be not eligible to join the IDO.
  • For all Tier, KYC is required and you need to have it approved before the whitelist opens. Please find HERE to get the instructions of KYC on KoiStarter.
  • For Tier Ume and Kiku, you are guaranteed to be the whitelist winners.



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