DoragonLand Introduces its Scholarship Program

4 min readMay 16, 2022


The hype around DoragonLand has definitely risen recently as the ecosystem and community continue to evolve. Most NFT assets available from the development team have been resold on the NFT marketplace at much higher prices, making these intangible items become more hard to get. And with the community continuing to grow and more people riding a wave of interest in play-to-earn gaming, DoragonLand strives to scale new heights in the NFT gaming arena.

We understand how challenging it can be to start as a new player in the game, the DoragonLand team would like to introduce a brand new Scholarship Program to help new players test out the game and achieve earnings without paying. DoragonLand’s scholarship program is the pathway for newly onboarding gamers to gain access to previously inaccessible NFT assets and fundings, as well as already registered users to earn more from scholarship mechanisms, thus, allowing both fronts to thrive in the ever-evolving digital gaming era.

What is the allocation of DoragonLand Scholarship?

  • The scholarship reward will be distributed to the scholars and owners according to the percentage negotiated from the beginning setting up the scholarship
  • To balance and develop the game ecosystem, we will take a part of the scholarship reward to Ecosystem Fund


+ Scholarship reward percentage: Scholar 60% — Owner 40%
+ Sharing profit percentage: 5% total reward
=> The scholarship reward will be distributed 57% to the scholar and 38% to the owner

However, in order to attract more users to join our Scholarship Program and increase the benefit of owners and scholars, we will not charge sharing profit for the first 3 months. After that, we will consider setting up a sharing profit percentage appropriately

How to gain a DoragonLand Scholarship?

To apply for a DoragonLand Scholarship, a scholar must keep these essentials in mind:

  • A scholar must look for scholarships on DoragonLand Marketplace, in which card deck information as well as earning ratio distribution between owner and scholar is publicly visible to all users.
  • Once the decision on which card deck suits the scholar the best has been made, the scholar can click on the Rent This Account button. If the system displays the Successful Rented Account pop-up window, it means that the scholar has successfully rented the card deck and can start playing the game.

Of course, always DYOR before entering a partnership with the owner/scholar to avoid scams.

How to set up DoragonLand Scholarship?

If you’re an owner who is seeking scholars, here’s how to set up the scholar:

  • The owner will generate a new game account for scholar on DoragonLand Marketplace which will include a new ID and password.
  • Scholar's account details will be displayed in the My Scholar section of the owner’s account.
  • In order to put up the scholarship on the Marketplace, the owner is required to:
  1. Set up the minimum daily earning for DOR and Gold
  2. Set up the scholarship’s duration
  3. Provide a brief description of the scholarship
  4. Select 8 DoragonLand NFT cards to transfer to scholar’s account
  • After verification, the scholar will receive a notification of their ID and password in My Activity.
  • The owner can edit/adjust the scholarship post at any time. However, if a scholar has entered the scholarship, the post will be automatically updated ONLY AFTER the scholarship ends.
  • These settings will also be displayed on the Marketplace of the scholars when connecting the wallet via Metamask.
  • When the scholar earns DOR and Gold through playing the game, the system will calculate the earning percentage and then distribute the rewards to the main in-game account of both owner and scholar.
  • If the scholar doesn’t meet up to the minimum earning amount, they will receive a warning.
  • If the warning lasts for 3 days, the owner can ban the scholar, which results in an immediate termination of the scholarship.
  • When the owner bans the scholars or the scholarship comes to an end, the password will be automatically regenerated in which the owner will be notified.

Play-to-earn games have been increasingly popular and with the new business model integrated with blockchain technology representing an important shift in the gaming world, the DoragonLand team strives to critically enhance and strengthen its ecosystem by proactively joining hands with prominent game guilds, providing scholarship opportunities, and lowering the barriers to accessing these previously inaccessible NFTs, thus helping onboard more people to the play-to-earn revolution.

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