DoragonLand is moving forward, what to expect next?

DoragonLand is launching its native $DOR token on 2 launch pads: KoiStarter and Oxbull and receiving tremendous support from the community. So, what is the motivation for $DOR holders to keep their tokens for the long term? Let’s discuss this in our today article.

Unlike many newly introduced NFT games, DoragonLand is aiming to sustainably develop by focusing on both the technology and gaming aspects of the project, offering the utmost graphic experience and attractive gameplay to users. In the long run, DoragonLand is planning huge by introducing various game features and exciting events such as Staking DOR, Staking NFT, game beta version, Esport & tournament, and Metaverse….

Game Beta Landing this December

With the intriguing gameplay inspired by Clash Royale and top-notch graphic design by Thunder Cloud, DoragonLand is definitely among the most expected games this quarter by users. Will not keep you for more as the MVP (game beta version) will be released this December with almost all the fundamental features like PvP, card upgrade, leaderboard, and surprisingly PLAY-TO-EARN feature. Yes, it is true! Players can EARN money in this game beta version already.

MVP is limited to 1,000 players and users. Details on the registration for MVP will be announced later but if you are interested in the event, you should prepare from now on. Each player should have at least 8 different cards and they should be among the following items (no need to care about the level of card):

If you are still lacking some of them, you can go to Mirana Market to grab some:

After the $DOR token listing on PancakeSwap at 03:00 PM December 1st, 2021; our NFT cards will be available for trading in both BNB and DOR.

Staking DOR & Staking NFT as the next “Boom”

As we all know, staking is a feature that we lock our cryptocurrencies to receive rewards. In many cases, users can accumulate their tokens directly from e-wallets. When it comes to the case of DoragonLand, we are proud to announce that $DOR holders can earn giant benefits by staking both $DOR and DoragonLand NFTs.

As DoragonLand already ran its first NFT Chest boxes sale on November 18 with a total of 4,000 boxes (equals 25,000 NFT Cards) sold, we believe that many users are expecting this Staking NFT feature. Details on this will be updated on our channels very soon.

Tournament and Esport

Another wonderful game feature that will be available soon on DoragonLand is Tournament and Esport feature. Tournament enables gamers in different geographical areas to compete and exchange game skills while having the chance to earn huge rewards. In the very first stage, DoragonLand will host the tournament event but later on, we will allow our users to hold the event themselves.

And, MetaVerse the Emerging Trend

In the current roadmap of DoragonLand, metaverse will start present in the Q2 of 2022 and be completed by the end of the same year. MetaVerse is really trending now, especially when Facebook announced their company name changes to Meta and it promises to create a new generation when applying into the game.

As for DoragonLand, MetaVerse can also be considered as Game Universe where different games use the same NFT assets. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It is just the first chapter of DoragonLand’s journey and many good things are still coming the way. In case you may not know, DoragonLand has just partnered with MEXC and Polygon Technology, can you guess how far we will go?

Find more about DoragonLand:

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.