Elaboration of Tiers in DoragonLand Tickets and Gacha in Open Beta

3 min readFeb 9, 2022

Arena and Gacha are the two fascinating game features in DoragonLand Open Beta Version that allows players to earn decent rewards from their effort. This article will help you understand more about the tiers in the rewards system of DoragonLand Tickets and Gacha.

Besides 7 free matches that players can join in DoragonLand Open Beta each day, players can also register in the daily arena by buying tickets. For each ticket, players will get a certain ATP (Arena Ticket Point) and be allowed to enter one battle. ATP and rank points are reset daily, so if you do not use your ticket before reset time (00:00 UTC), you will lose it.

Table1: ATP per ticket

*Note: Above ticket prices are applied for Open Beta only. Price is subject to change on Full game version.

The ATP is used to determine the tiers in the rewards system of Daily arena. When a player reaches a specific ATP, he or she will be classified into equivalent tiers.

Table2: Tiers information and rewards system in the Daily arena

For example, to enter tier 3, a player needs to reach 4 ATP.

Top leaderboard pool: The maximum of total rewards for the daily arena is $5000 worth of $DOR token (depending on the number of players buying tickets), applied to the top 200 users.

EveryOne pool: All paid users will get the reward from the daily EveryOne pool with the maximum of total rewards for EveryOne pool is $1000 worth of $DOR token.

As for the Gacha system, there are 4 different types of eggs in the store. These eggs are similar to NFT chests with different rarity, but with only 1 random NFT inside.

Egg 1
Egg 2
Egg 3
Egg 4

The Gacha point will be accumulated to determine the Gacha Rank of players. The rewards system is divided into 4 tiers with specific gacha points required.

Table 4: Tiers information and rewards system in the Gacha system.

For example, a player will be able to enter tier 4 if he or she gains at least 20 Gacha points.

The maximum total reward is $2,000 worth of $DOR token.

Hope you have a better insight into the calculation of tiers in DoragonLand. Keep following us for more useful information.

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