Free-to-Play feature is coming on DoragonLand!

3 min readAug 8, 2022

NFT games have become a sensation across the crypto and blockchain industry for the brilliant combination of conventional gaming designs with unconventional mechanisms to let users have more control over in-game assets. The play-to-earn model is seen as a way to synergize both developers and users so that all are rewarded for the value they bring.

While many players are willing towards supporting the financial transactions related to GameFi activities, the starting costs have left many prospective players wanting free alternatives. For that reason, the DoragonLand decided to develop and launch the Free-to-Play feature in the hope that more players would get the chance to immerse themselves in the renowned tower rush genre.

So what does DoragonLand’s Free-to-Play feature have to offer?


From the Free-to-Play update onward, Free-to-Play will be displayed as the default mode when a new player signs up.

Players who have already connected to the Metamask wallet that contains at least 8 DoragonLand NFT cards will receive a pop-up window asking them to switch to Pay-to-Earn mode when signing in.

How to set up Free-to-Play future

New players can click on Play as Guest button when first opening the game. Players can later link their Metamask wallet or email address for preferences. A basic deck of 8 NFT cards including Orc Giant, Doragon, Dual Shooter, Sky Patrol, Splashy, Skeleton, Rain of Fire, and Tesla will be assigned to every Free-to-Play player. Players can use the deck to engage in thrilling battles and earn decent profits.

Free-to-Play players can reroll 1 random NFT card in the basic deck using DOR.

Players can choose to use the new rerolled NFT card or keep the original one, however, the rerolling cost will still be deducted. Here is the breakdown of the rerolling cost:

  • Common: 50 DOR
  • Rare: 200 DOR
  • Epic: 1500 DOR

Earning in Free-to-Play feature

Free-to-Play players will receive a default earning rate of 30%. After connecting Metamask wallet, the system will automatically check how many DoragonLand NFTs a player owns. Thereby, this will indicate the earning rate a player shall receive based on the number of NFTs they own.

Players can claim rewards they earn through fighting in-game battles and further enhance their earnings once they turn into paid users to fully enjoy all the game modes and benefits of DoragonLand.

And with the official mobile version launching soon, get ready to be on top of the movement when it comes to innovation with this new advanced technology. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your next gaming adventure by trying out the DoragonLand’s Free-to-Play feature!




A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.