Learn and Earn: Result Announcement

Dear Community,

The first DoragonLand Learn and Earn came to a successful conclusion, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the community. Here, we are excited to announce the answers to the 10 quizzes and the list of 40 winners.


Quiz 1: When will the DoragonLand IDO be launched?

Answer: Nov 30th

Quiz 2: On which platform?

Answer: both KoiStarter and Oxbull

Quiz 3: When will the whitelist for DoragonLand IDO on KOIStarter be opened and closed?

Answer: 10 AM UTC, Nov 25th — 10 AM UTC, Nov 29th

Quiz 4: On KoiStarter, is KYC required for all Tiers?

Answer: Yes

Quiz 5: What is the ending time of Guarantee round on KOIStarter?

Answer: 2 PM UTC, Nov 30th

Quiz 6: How many KOI points required for Matsu ( Tier 1) ?

Answer: 500

Quiz 7: To participate in DoragonLand’s IDO on Oxbull,how many OXB tokens should you hold?

Answer: At least 50 OXB

Quiz 8: For IDO on Oxbull, a qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

Answer: TRUE

Quiz 9: When will the whitelist winner be able to join the FCFS basis round on Oxbull?

Answer: 01:00 PM, UTC 01 Dec — 01:30 PM UTC, 01 Dec

Quiz 10: Smart Staked holdings are NOT required to be maintained adequate amount of OXB until project listing.

Answer: FALSE


Winners are selected on the basis of the criteria with the fastest and most accurate responses with full valid information. Lucky winners will receive a reward of $10 USDT each.

Let not wait any longer! Here is the list of our 40 lucky winners:

  1. 0x5f34B1dE28790fa6f8500B8Fc47Ba6c6f9B77F4d
  2. 0x1385e855bdEE6696D81a3E9026e89ce1cDC05eeB
  3. 0x28c724b6abFe07b8e1054aa64Ced7a0d9aceF7F4
  4. 0x5bEdf08b082dD15118695d6206Ec45788170dAc2
  5. 0xc70BA4d9cd1A95DAFe84A0206B97F693B7BB9E13
  6. 0xb59F5577ea99989f2D24468d277E0a8D76CcecD0
  7. 0x41B862e00FA2ce1B70Ad2062D8C8aC1663Fe764B
  8. 0xa95D300cb8719CA47230aF42ab932A1DF6dC1487
  9. 0xE00922C71949A32651EFAa5a5b8793b63F76f754
  10. 0xC42035C1c2e57F162Af7a579Ed5d51F3aEFF059D
  11. 0x8BDA434A969C70B307d4D30f3F9eBC38a2718744
  12. 0x503983a0De7B52C6ac6347a8AA652C90AA9E7ac7
  13. 0xbaF6A1638A573e73EAe19cd6861e3911361f15E5
  14. 0xDC6A4FCcb279E19510ecfC2F5aaCF8832148BB1e
  15. 0xB4C8dEfE060C7a5c132D02ff1552785882AE6954
  16. 0xD9dCEF47Afa840c04fddc665c67c63976a284322
  17. 0x0B0345Ed0c7E1c4aF9AF9EA84A14310bbaf20D36
  18. 0xFBccAcADC88d7903Af0B1a479e2F55dd36BE4164
  19. 0xE94181BA675Caf11284B972AbAafF55de34009AA
  20. 0x4b33801E08919152735Fe6f4856Dd159842A5b90
  21. 0xd0216c3e7dd66e32E23ceE131d8C65C45a2cC7C3
  22. 0x1Abd82e6580F56Fe38b35FF64B60f397cc6E8A1e
  23. 0xF8BfD035F61eF8AdE585706e95268f2B80515A4C
  24. 0x262583DE3849a0E0430Bd2b548144cA208d6735E
  25. 0x9E96101845785E85c341e657a86D982c73c042f6
  26. 0x3703988eFe1E02127FeD81b25d33b269581edd75
  27. 0xb83332DcEBd217170aa5709a0C611B5380e4e81B
  28. 0x2AC68C4091da304AeeBDD6936ECA841728d2aC62
  29. 0x4284fb4949d10Da4B748163aF57A044738e8bDAF
  30. 0xEb9fAfEcee3273AA9656dE8d1d99B458312fA51a
  31. 0xB157F25b1533bf7b77F9275ca9a6B7BD1b2B3fBf
  32. 0x0d0681D6fc694642aF021b2A7d28D18619b327a6
  33. 0x71a5CF3aadF76661552Ed812E3cA2F36efd5660F
  34. 0x0462a9CDE7eA488292082456e6F99220a332cd45
  35. 0x04865C1e37af9c0A92ca83c7C72dfC5055353129
  36. 0x7b33DdA35689c820a5ECDF5b12A319438B553844
  37. 0xD4DbA70A185D88c3Be91AA9955f18Cf1C70d41B3
  38. 0x75fd01485A90a39c70B8e31079D7c5942cAbbfc3
  39. 0x672d645eC5222DadE1c762048B5220a64b7e45dB
  40. 0xA5Df822735dDa39AFF8b517464bf49Cb637BC4a7

Congratulations to all the winners!

Please note that the rewards will be distributed within 7 days after the result announcement.

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.

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A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.

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