DoragonLand: Mobile Bug Hunt

2 min readJun 24, 2022

Have you tried our Mobile version testing ?

Mobile launching for Android first might be the big milestone firming the foundation for the development of DoragonLand to help users reach new experiences. Though it is still under processing, we would like to hear much from you to improve the official version. “Bug hunt” will be an event where you can freely contribute ideas to develop the mobile version, report bugs and have the opportunity to receive bonus rewards.

Time: 8 AM UTC June 24th — 8 AM UTC July 1st

Reward pool:

  • Top 1: 30,000 Gold
  • Runner up: 10,000 Gold
  • 10 lucky people: 1,000 Gold per each (randomly)

Submission form:

Link Download Android APK:


  • Winners will be the 2 people who get the highest score ( at least 10 points to qualify for the award). The bug might be about:
  • UI (Display error): 1 point
  • Control (Error in touch controls when playing games or errors affecting the smoothness of the game): 2 points
  • Performance (Critical bug affecting the game running): 3 points
  • Valid bugs are those that the team confirms will need fixing
  • The team will summarize these bugs with the score and the first person reported.
  • If 2 people report the same bug, the point will be counted for the person who reported it earlier

Download the link APK above and join a hand to shorten the time launching of official mobile app with both IOS and Android versions. Hope that DoragonLand always has you besides on every stage of game development!!




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