[Scholarship Event] Together to the Top

2 min readNov 1, 2022

Are you ready for a new race with Doragonland?

To connect the community and attract more users to join our Scholarship Program as well as find the strongest deck, we would like to launch a new Scholarship Event: Together to the Top. To gear up for the Together to the Top — the one-time event full of befitting rewards, make sure to follow up on the direction details to participate in this fascinating event!

Event details

Together to the Top is a newly launched event to find out the TOP 5 pairs of scholar&owner who own rented deck earns the most DOR&GOLD.

Event duration: 0:00 UTC 27th October — 0:00 UTC 17th November 2022 (3 weeks)

🏆Reward pool: 330 USDT
Top 1: 100 USDT (each 50 USDT)
Top 2: 80 USDT (each 40 USDT)
Top 3: 70 USDT (each 30 USDT)
Top 4: 50 USDT (each 25 USDT)
Top 5: 30 USDT (each 15 USDT)

❗️Important note: We will update the top 5 rankings weekly on DoragonLand’s Telegram ANN, So don’t forget to check our DoragonLand channel for the big announcement.

Join us to find out the best deck. We’ll see you on the top✈️
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