Step-by-step guidance on how to join DoragonLand full game on testnet

3 min readMar 1, 2022


Dear DORians,
After a successful beta phase, DoragonLand is now opening its a new round — the full game version released on testnet! This is a special opportunity for very game enthusiasts, both traditional and NFT gamers, to try DoragonLand’s cards collection, experience the gameplay and horn your master skills WITHOUT any costs.

Test time: 1 PM UTC, 1st March — 1 PM UTC, 9th March 2022

  • What is offered by DoragonLand team?

- A full collection of 39 cards (testnet)

- 1000 DOR & 20,000 Gold (testnet) so you can enjoy all game features (deposit/withdraw, gacha, ticket, card upgrade…)

- You will need BNB testnet as a gas fee for the transaction, please visit this link to claim:

To check if you have received DOR and Gold testnet, please import token using the following contract addresses:

  • DOR: 0x8d58514eaa7dfd24b400633d11d6bdcbc36e02be
  • Gold: 0x9920757f0f9e71f283dba914360fd8db4ca201a2
  • How to join DoragonLand and play?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect wallet (You will need to switch to testnet)

Step 3: Change your in-game name (1st time is free)

Step 4: Deposit DOR and Gold in order to use in-game

Step 5: Enjoy the game

Now it is all set up! Choose your own deck and start playing with the cards! For PvP battles, there are 2 modes that you can join

  1. Training mode:

Training mode is free and unlimited. The only reward in training mode is Gold and it is limited per day so once you reach the limit of 1000 gold from training mode, you will play at no reward.

2. Arena mode:

This is a perfect mode for those who have skills and want to show off! You will need to spend tickets to join Arena mode (each user has 5 free tickets per day but only paid tickets are counted in the Arena leaderboard)

Besides, you can enjoy spinning gacha in-game and try your luck ;) Top gacha buyers will receive rewards also.

During the full game test, if you come across any issues or bugs, please kindly help us report the issues/ bugs by filling out this form.

Visit DoragonLand’s official website and social channels:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram Global | Telegram Vietnam | Telegram ANN | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Youtube | Discord




A 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors.